November Spotlight: Weird World War 2 and Horror Games

This month on Nerdvana gaming we’re celebrating all things hellish and we hope you’ll join us…

The guys at the Nerdvana Gaming blog are going to be super busy bringing us some juicy reviews of some truly ghoulish games including the fantastic Konflikt 47 and Run, Fight or Die!!!

Not to mention some tales of our amazing road trips around the country to meet you guys…from Portsmouth’s Confrontation tournament to Tring’s Gamesfest we’re going to be there and we hope you guys will come and say hi if you are too!

All that and more to come in October along so keep one eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds…if they haven’t fallen out yet…MWAHAHA!


Marvel Universe Miniature Game Review

Knight Models have been known for a while now as the team who brought us the Batman Miniatures Game, now they have released the Marvel Universe Miniature Game and today we’re going to have a quick first impression review of the game that is fast becoming not only a favourite among wargamers but also serving as a gateway into the hobby for many Marvel and general comic book fans alike…

FNT 100 W2

Ultimate Guard Flip 'N' Tray 100+ Deck Box Review

The Ultimate Guard Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ is Ultimate Guard’s second edition of Ultimate Guard’s successful Flip ‘N’ Tray single deck box line the question Nerdvana Gaming is looking at today is just how good is the Ultimate Guard Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ and does it deserve the premium price it commands?


Dropzone Commander Review

Dropzone Commander is the beautiful epic 10mm scale miniature battle game from Hawk Wargames, that burst onto the scene at Salute 2012 to unparalled praise for its exquisite and intricate miniatures. Now 4 years on Nerdvana Gaming will take a look at Dropzone Commander and see whether it scratches the 10mm itch for us.