The Callidus, Eversor, Vindicare and Cullexus Temple Assassins were once a staple of the Grey Knights in the previous incarnation of their codex and they have remained in the new codex, however with all the new toys and powers the Grey Knights now have do we really need these expensive yet flimsy elite killers or have they just become a nostalgic nod back to a bygone era for the Sons of the Sigilite?
Well lets take a look at each of the Temple Assassins from the Grey Knights Codex and decide…

Well the Temple Assassins all have the same stat line which has been given a nice boost giving them Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill of 8, along with being granted a 2nd wound, furthermore all Temple Assassins have Fearless, Fleet, Move Through Cover and a 4+ cover save and a slightly worse form of Feel No Pain conveyed by their ‘Synskin’…all of this making them (thankfully) more survivable on the battlefield.

Now let’s have a look at each of the Temple Assassin’s equipment and abilities in more detail…

Callidus Assassin:
So lets start with the sneaky Callidus Assassin’s, these masters of disguise are equipped with the following rules and weaponry…

C’Tan Phase Sword – A power weapon that inflicts Instant Death regardless of opponent’s toughness.
Neural Shredder – Flame template weapon that inflicts wounds against targets leadership.
Polymorphine – Assassin placed 3″ from enemy via non scatter Deep Strike rules, inflicts instant d6 Strength 4 AP 2 hits.

Special Rules:
Hit and Run.

So the Callidus Assassin is a great stealth unit able to spring up on the enemy at any time, however he isn’t going to be able to save the day single handed – Polymorphine and the Neural Shredder can only do so much so you need to have other units within range to help finish the job or at least provide him with cover should you fail to do so…

Eversor Assassin:
The utterly insane Eversor Assassin comes smashing onto the battlefield in a bout of ‘Roid Rage’ packing the following weaponry:

Neuro Gauntlet – Counts as a Lightning Claw.
Fenron – Conveys D6 attacks on charge rather than just +1.
Execution Pistol  – A poisoned pistol which always wounds on a 2+.
Melta Bombs.

Special Rules:
Furious Charge.

So the Eversor Assassin is a brute of the battlefield designed to leave a path of death and destruction in his path however, he is still very flimsy, although none of the Temple Assassins can join squads you really need to keep the Eversor close to your squads so that he can be aided in any combat…run him in and unleash the fury (don’t forget his re-roll for being Weapon Skill 8) and be thankful if you roll badly that your trusty Grey Knights are there to save his ass!

Cullexus Assassin:
These soulless beings are able to shift in and out of the material world without leaving any trace of themselves in the Warp and when they do they bring the following Wargear to the fray…

Animus Speculum – Strength 5 AP 2 Assault 2 with an additional shot for every Psyker within 12″.
Etherium – Any unit wishing to attack the Cullexus must make a Leadership test on 3D6 or they must choose another target.
Psyk Out Grenades.

While the Cullexus has no special rules conveyed to them by their temple they are still a mighty warrior, the ability to almost stop themselves from being shot at makes them far more survivable on the battlefield, if you move this guy with your army and have more squads (and therefore more Psykers) near to the Cullexus and you let rip with the Animus Speculum your opponent is going to wish he could have shot you…

Vindicare Assassin:
Ah the Vindicare Assassin the respect this guy mighty marksman commands in any game is beyond me…not often is it that people see single model and just think (or say out loud) ‘That has to die quickly’ but the Vindicare had that effect on people, does he still though…

Exitus Pistol – Range 12″.
Exitus Rifle – Range 36″.

All Exitus weapons must be fired with 1 of the following rounds:
Hellfire – Wounds on 2+.
Shield Breaker – removes invulnerable saves conveyed by wargear.
Turbo Penetrator – inflicts 2 wounds has AP of 4D6 against tanks.

Special Rules:
Deadshot – Vindicare controlling player allocates wounds caused.

So the Vindicare Assassin still has the best weaponry on the battlefield and the skill to use it better than even the most skilled of Astartes…to make full use of this guy’s Exitus weaponry whilst not compromising his life you need to put him in some cover at a decent range with line of sight to your opponent and just keep letting off shots at the units you want gone…


So there we have all 4 of the Temple Assassins broken down for you, the problem I have is that the majority of them are perhaps points better spent elsewhere in the codex. For example the Callidus is a cool idea but you need him to be near other squads to be effective meaning he will probably remain hidden for 2 turns and the Eversor essentially has the abilities of Mark of the Wulfen but unfortunately his in-ability to join squads means he is far more likely to be shot at distance before making it into combat. I personally favour the abilities of the Culexus and the Vindincare…the Culexus because if you run him near as many squads as you can and his Etherium ability will keep him safer whilst giving the Animus Speculum maximum number of shots and therefore maximum damage and the Vindicare as he has the ability to take out opponents from a greater distance whilst now being a bigger pain to kill if you put him in some cover.

Lets look at the tactics of the Grey Knights Paladin terminator army known as Draigowing or Paladinwing.

Firstly guys I will say this army is extremely small (and cheap…costs just over £100 from Wayland Games) and so to give your army the best chance of survival you need to maximise your fire power, wound allocation and squad size, therefore I wouldn’t recommend a pure Draigowing army being played at less than 1750 points…I will break down the reasoning for this below but in my opinion the tactics and set ups below will maximise your abilities for kill points right up to multiple objective missions.

So here is my 1750 point Draigowing army list:


Squad 1:
Apothecary Paladin with Halberd.
Banner Paladin with Psycannon.
2x Sword Paladins.
Sword Paladin with Psycannon.
Halberd Paladin
Master Crafted Halberd Paladin.
Halberd Paladin with Psycannon
Hammer Paladin
Hammer Paladin with Psycannon

Squad 2:

Apothecary Paladin with Halberd.
Banner Paladin with Psycannon.
2x Sword Paladins.
Sword Paladin with Psycannon.
Halberd Paladin
Master Crafted Halberd Paladin.
Halberd Paladin with Psycannon
Hammer Paladin
Hammer Paladin with Psycannon

This set up maximises on your hard hitting fire power with a full compliment of 8 Psycannons. 
With every squad member having different equipment (with the exception of 2 Sword Paladins) you maximise your wound allocation potential as you can allocate a wound to each member of the squad without losing a single model. 
The size of the army means that you only have 3 kill points but the size of your squads means that you can spread out to hold multiple objectives.
Your Apothecary (although expensive) may lose his ability to shoot but you can use him as the model which you shoot holocaust from allowing every other member of the squad to still shoot their Psycannons or storm bolters.
By taking the Banner Paladin your squads have a minimum 3 attacks per Paladin per squad even if you are charged along with the option to auto pass Nemesis Force Weapon activation.
So those are the pro’s of Draigowing, but why do I feel that this army can’t be used at 1500 points for example?
The reason that this list isn’t effective at 1500 points is that you need to lose 250 points, to do this you would need to lose the Apothecary ability and the Banner on both squads along with at least one other Paladin. However by losing 1 Paladin from a squad you must also give up 2 Psycannons, by doing this you are losing 25% of your hardest hitting fire power…while this may mean that you can re-organise your wound allocation so you can still take a beating without losing too many Paladins but you will find that you cant pack as much of a punch against your opponents, for example if your opponent is flanking on both sides then you need the added strength to hold them back, or your opponent may just ignore your weaker squad all together and just concentrate his fire on your full powered squad until they’re eliminated essentially leaving you dead in the water…
Now for the best Draigowing tactics…
From experience firstly I would say despite temptation don’t combat squad keep 2 large squads and unless you are deep striking in which case you want Draigo on the board to manipulate those reserve rolls…however the main tactic remains the same…manoeuvre the army as 1 big block and be mindful of the objective remember 10 paladins can make a mighty long objective holding conga line. Another reason not to combat squad is that the larger squad conveys better wound allocation ability so you can keep wounds off those all important Psycannons.
Secondly make sure you prioritise your targets and concentrate all your firepower on it until it is completely decimated, this is what Draigowing does best so don’t be tempted to charge your squad in unless you’re confident of totally destroying what you charge by the time your next game turn comes round as you dont want these expensive units getting tar pitted in a huge fight while your opponent’s other units go off grabbing objectives etc.
If the unthinkable should happen and 1 of your squads does get charged do not support by charging in alongside your battle brothers, cut them loose…the best support you can provide is moving away from the combat and shooting at any of your opponent’s squads moving in to aid the combat or claim objectives, this may sound harsh but those 10 Paladins should be able to fight through most things or at least tar pit them leaving you free to continue peppering your opponent with mass firepower.
So lets break down the Draigowing tactics into some easy to follow bullet points:
  • Don’t combat squad
  • Target prioritise
  • All move as 1
  • Avoid close combat
  • If charged cut loose.
  • Finally and most importantly…SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!! 
There will always be situations where you will need to adapt the tactics spoken about here but if you keep these as your fundamental tactics both you and your opponents will realise that Draigowing is a force to be reckoned with…hell just ask Adam over at the Space Wolves blog, he’s still trying to figure out how to beat me as I spank his puppies round the table!

So the Grey Knights Librarian is the only model with access to the full range of psychic awesomeness of the Grey Knights along with a couple of other titbits that our new codex has to offer.

So lets look at the librarian’s options and discuss which of his psychic powers are best to take if you’re looking to give competitive players a run for their money or just want to try something a little different with your friends over a beer…

Upgrade to mastery level 3 – Costly…perhaps a bit too costly unless your casting a lot of psychic powers per turn.
Replace Nemesis Force Sword with 1 of the following:
Nemesis Force Halberd – Great 40k weapon…after all good offence is the best form of defence and striking first is always a good way to start that process.
Nemesis Daemonhammer – Risky unless you are taking more than one hammer as you don’t want to lose your only hammer to Perils of the Warp.
Pair of Nemesis Falchions –  Unfortunately not worth the points cost for just 1 extra attack.
Nemesis Warding Stave – Highly expensive upgrade but could be handy in close combat as a method of dissuading your opponent to single you out in close combat.
May take any of the following:
Psybolt ammunition – Take this if your’re putting the Librarian in a squad who also have Psybolt Ammunition.
Digital Weapons – Not a bad little option to take if you want a better chance of wounding.
Empyrean Brain Mines – Great against high strength, low initiative independent characters or aiming for models armed with Powerfists.
Teleport Homer – Take this if the Librarian is going to be getting up in your opponents face while the rest of your army is Deep Striking around him for support.
May take up to 3 Servo-skulls – Great if you’re going to Deep Strike in whilst keeping the Librarian back or going to summon vehicles.
May make any of he weapons Master Crafted – As with Digital Weapons but for a re-roll to hit instead.

Now lets look at those psychic powers and their effects in a bit more detail:

Same ability as all the other Grey Knights, however now that this ability can stack it became just a little bit more awesome.

Dark Excommunication:
Far too specialised for competitive gaming…great if you’re going against an army with Daemonic Gifts but otherwise worthless.

Might Of Titan:
A real must have power, not only does it convey the same +1 strength as Hammerhand but also gives an extra d6 armour penetration, along with the fact it can be cast on units within 6″ rather than just on the squad the caster is in.

Fantastic against high initiative armies and very handy if you’re going against Lash Whips to make sure you’re not taking too much damage before you get to unload your attacks back.

There really aren’t that many units you don’t mind charging you, again it’s best to prepare for attack by casting Might Of Titan and Hammerhand rather than trying to dissuade your opponent from charging.

The Shrouding:
Great for protecting your forces against those low AP, high Strength, blast weaponry making your army a little safer.

On the face of it not a bad little power but the lack of range and amount of shots means that you’re unlikely to kill anything of major importance before charging…perhaps not a bad idea to use if your shooting has been sub par.

The Summoning:
Great power if you’re going to keep your opponent on his toes…particularly handy if your enemy is out flanking close to your Librarian and he needs support or if you have units stranded with nothing to kill, for example, you suffered a deep strike mishap or your army has marched through and killed 1 of your enemy’s flanks and needs to get to the other quickly

Vortex Of Doom:
Great high strength low AP power but has the highest risk as if you fail your psychic test it still casts but the Librarian’s squad is guaranteed to take at least one hit as the blast template stays on your Librarian and does not scatter.

Warp Rift:
Similar to the Space Wolves ‘Jaws of the world wolf’ power, however differing in the 2 ways…the range is greatly decreased as it becomes a flamer template weapon, however by making it a flamer template power you have a better opportunity to force 1 squad to make more initiative tests rather than several squads making maybe 1 – 2.

So there we have the Grey Knights Librarian and his options, personally I feel that the best psychic powers for competitive play are the following:
Might Of Titan, Quicksilver, The Shrouding and The Summoning.
The reasons behind this are that they provide the most effective ability to keep your Grey Knights protected when not in combat whilst boosting their inherent ability to kick some Xenos butt when in combat.

I’d love to say take Vortex of Doom and for a laugh one day I’m sure I will but I just know that the first time I use it I’ll fail my psychic test and blow my Librarian to the other side of the Imperium!

Evening guys…now I’m sure you’re all aware of the Grey Knights FAQ that Games Workshop have released alongside a core rulebook FAQ now this is just a quick post to go through what this means for the children of the sigilite in these dark times…

So as far as I can see the majority of the rulings in the Grey Knights FAQ are pretty much common sense which come from reading the codex…however there have been a surprises and for a few of you some down right upsetting pieces of news.

So starting with a little bit of good news we now have the definition of what exactly constitutes a Daemon and it’s  not limited to just models in the Daemon codex.
Another little gem coming our way comes courtesy of the core rulebook FAQ where Games Workshop have lovingly given us the ability to stack our Hammerhand ability, while I think this is unfortunate choice of words on their part they are extremely unlikely to back peddle on their own ruling for the foreseeable future at least…

Ok now for the not so good news…
So the Nemesis Force Falchions +1 or +2 attack argument has been laid to rest unsurprisingly with the ruling being +1 attack…luckily all you readers here at Titan magnetised your models didn’t you?
Also a slight surprise was that the Nemesis Dreadknight with it’s 2 Nemesis Doomfists (which count as Dreadnought Close Combat weapons) are only strength 6…suppose they have to give us a reason to invest in the Daemonhammer though so hey lets just go with it…

Finally a little clearing up for all us wound allocators out there, when making dangerous terrain tests we have to roll for each model individually.

So there we have the Grey Knights officially FAQ’d…now I’m sure a few of you were thinking this was going to be a very painful affair for us but I’m sure that we can all agree that we are still a force to be reckoned with as no major changes were made that shouldn’t have really been expected…still I’m sure like me if it moves in 40k you guys are just going to shoot it lots and if that fails poke it with shiny psychic sticks…

So the paint scheme I used for my Grey Knight Paladin Wing for Blog Wars was simple but effective but above all with the time constraints I had from the Blog Wars Challenge it was quick!

I had quite a few compliments at Blog Wars about how good these guys looked so I figured I’ll give you a how to guide for painting Grey Knights quickly but effectively.
Colours you will need:
Mithril Silver
Mechrite Red
Blood Red
Dwarf Bronze
Commando Khaki
Bleached Bone
Skull White
Gryphonne Sepia
Devlan Mud
Khemri Brown
Chaos Black
Boltgun Metal
Main Grey Colour of Model…
Step 1:
Undercoat model with black primer, followed by an approximate mix of 2 parts Chaos Black to 1 part Boltgun Metal (if you’re confident with an airbrush this will give a quicker result, otherwise build your layers up slowly to avoid losing details and seeing brush strokes).
Step 2:
Drybrush Mithril Silver over the entire mini.
Shoulder Pauldrons & gold detailing…
Step 1: 
Paint Dwarf Bronze as a base.
Step 2:
Wash Gryphonne Sepia over the gold (2 – 3 fine passes).
Step 3:
Drybrush Shining Gold to pick out lettering detail while keeping recesses dark.
Purity Seal Stamp, Storm bolter/Heavy Weapon + Nemesis Force Weapon handle…
Step 1:
Paint your own personal selection of details Mechrite Red.
Step 2:
Use Blood Red to Pick out extreme Highlights.
Bone Details…
Step 1:
Paint Khemri Brown as a base.
Step 2:
Use Bleached bone to bring out the colour of the bone leaving Khemri Brown in darkest areas.
Step 3:
Lightly drybrush Skull white.
Step 4:
Wash Devlan Mud over model to dull back down colours
Paint Khemri Brown as a base.
Step 2:
Use Commando Khaki as second layer leaving Khemri Brown in the darkest areas.
Step 3:
Drybrush Skull White lightly.
Step 4:
Wash with Devlan Mud over miniature to dull the colours back down.

 And there we have it a simple yet effective colour scheme which looks suitably dark and nasty on the battlefield!