So the paint scheme I used for my Grey Knight Paladin Wing for Blog Wars was simple but effective but above all with the time constraints I had from the Blog Wars Challenge it was quick!

I had quite a few compliments at Blog Wars about how good these guys looked so I figured I’ll give you a how to guide for painting Grey Knights quickly but effectively.
Colours you will need:
Mithril Silver
Mechrite Red
Blood Red
Dwarf Bronze
Commando Khaki
Bleached Bone
Skull White
Gryphonne Sepia
Devlan Mud
Khemri Brown
Chaos Black
Boltgun Metal
Main Grey Colour of Model…
Step 1:
Undercoat model with black primer, followed by an approximate mix of 2 parts Chaos Black to 1 part Boltgun Metal (if you’re confident with an airbrush this will give a quicker result, otherwise build your layers up slowly to avoid losing details and seeing brush strokes).
Step 2:
Drybrush Mithril Silver over the entire mini.
Shoulder Pauldrons & gold detailing…
Step 1: 
Paint Dwarf Bronze as a base.
Step 2:
Wash Gryphonne Sepia over the gold (2 – 3 fine passes).
Step 3:
Drybrush Shining Gold to pick out lettering detail while keeping recesses dark.
Purity Seal Stamp, Storm bolter/Heavy Weapon + Nemesis Force Weapon handle…
Step 1:
Paint your own personal selection of details Mechrite Red.
Step 2:
Use Blood Red to Pick out extreme Highlights.
Bone Details…
Step 1:
Paint Khemri Brown as a base.
Step 2:
Use Bleached bone to bring out the colour of the bone leaving Khemri Brown in darkest areas.
Step 3:
Lightly drybrush Skull white.
Step 4:
Wash Devlan Mud over model to dull back down colours
Paint Khemri Brown as a base.
Step 2:
Use Commando Khaki as second layer leaving Khemri Brown in the darkest areas.
Step 3:
Drybrush Skull White lightly.
Step 4:
Wash with Devlan Mud over miniature to dull the colours back down.

 And there we have it a simple yet effective colour scheme which looks suitably dark and nasty on the battlefield!

So Adam over at the Space Wolves Blog has been asking me how I’m magnetising my Grey Knight army so  here is a tutorial so all you guys out there can maximise the use of all those pretty weapon combinations in our Grey Knight Terminator box sets.

What you will need

What you will need:
Green Stuff
Pin Drill
.5mm Drill Bit
2mm Drill Bit
Neodymium Magnets (1mm x 2mm)  
(I got mine here…)
Super Glue (optional)


Figure 1

Step 1
Ok so take your miniature’s arm and using the .5mm drill bit drill a pilot hole in the centre of the wrist of the arm (Fig 1).

This is a guide for when you use the larger drill…

Step 2
Taking the wider drill slowly start to drill in to the mini until you are at the same depth (or there about, a little too deep is better than too shallow).
If you aren’t confident about this mark on your drill bit with either paint or electrical tape the depth of 1 magnet so you don’t go too far either way.

Step 3

Figure 2

So now if you want drop a little super glue in to the hole although it is a very tight fit anyway so make your own decision, Push the the magnet into the new hole so 1 magnet disappears into the mini. (Fig 2).

If you have difficulty getting the magnet in use your clippers to push the magnet into place.

Step 4

Figure 3

Now allow 1 magnet to join to your flush magnet, take the hand/weapon to be magnetised and practise getting it into the position you want. (Fig 3)

Step 5
Once you are happy you can position the hand without too much movement dab paint onto the magnet and push the hand against the fresh paint hold there for a second and then remove, the dot print left (Fig 3) is where you need to drill for your corresponding magnet.

Step 6
Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 on the hand you want to magnetise and there you have a magnetised Grey Knight Terminator right hand.

Step 1
Before any drilling fill the holes in the heavy weapons with green stuff and put to one side to sure.

Step 2

Figure 4

Use steps 1, 2 and 3 as a guide on the left arm of the mini drilling into the widest area of the left arm (Fig 4).

Figure 5 

Step 3
Now using step 5 as a guide make the paint dot on the heavy weapon and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 (yes I know…again) (Fig 6)

So there we have a little tutorial of how to Magnetise your Grey Knight Terminators…This tutorial is really simple to do just give it a go and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ah the Terminator armoured Grey Knights, a squad of badass zealots so devoted to the destruction of the foul daemon that the mere mention of them makes Aegis armour glow with contempt!

But are these the new backbone of the chapter’s fighting force, and can they really hold their own when assembled in numbers like other terminator armies (yes a battle report will follow soon)…

Now then a squad of Terminators will set you back 200 points from the Grey Knight codex and when you look at what you get on the face of it is a standard Terminator squad armed with storm bolters, nothing too exciting so far. However what you must remember is we get that all important Nemesis force sword as standard, frag and krak, and psyk out grenades along with the Hammerhand power…(now then that’s a bit more interesting!) not to mention those options that can really have your opponent shaking in their heretical boots:

Options available:
Include up to 5 more terminators – Do this and combat squad them to maximise firepower.
For every 5 models replace storm bolter with following:
Incinerator – cheap but with only option to take 2 in a squad of 10 could hinder your longer range game.
Psilencer – overpriced for its profile…take if your short the cost of Psycannon.
Psycannon – This is a must for beefing up your longer range game…
Replace Nemesis Force Sword with:
Nemesis Force Halberd – Good for getting attacks in against high Initiative armies or for help with wound allocation.
Nemesis Daemon Hammer – Again good when you want optimised wound allocation…
Nemesis Falchions – another good wound allocation tool…+1A for 5 pts is tempting bonus!!
Replace Nemesis Force Sword with Nemesis Warding Stave – Far too pricey…stick with the sword!
Replace Nemesis Force Sword with Banner – Great with a couple of sets of Falchions and Halberds +1A and automatic Nemesis activation…
Entire squad takes Psybolt ammo – On 10 man squads this is a big YES…20pts to upgrade whole squad’s storm bolter to strength 5, how can you say no?
Justicar may master-craft any of his weapons – not a bad idea…do it if you have 5pts spare.

Ok so lets take a few options and think about the best load out for a squad…

Terminator Squad 1: 295pts
5 Grey Knight Terminators
3x Falchions
1x M/Crafted Falcion
1x Psycannon
1x Hammer
Psybolt ammo

Try sticking this squad in with Grey Knights Grand Master or Grey Knights Brother Captain if you’re using 1 (or both) of them, this is a good combination of firepower and close combat awsomeness…if you’re not a fan of deep striking or just feel like mixing it up try a Land Raider for some longevity when trying to deliver them to their mark.

Terminator Squad 2: 505pts
10 Grey Knight Terminators.
3x Halberd.
2x Falchions.
1x Daemon hammer.
2x Psycannons.
Psybolt ammo.

This is a great load out if you want to mix a strong squad of close combat ability with decent heavy firepower support base, combat squad the unit keeping the Psycannons in 1 half of the squad and the banner and falchions in the other half, now mix up the other weapons to maximise wound allocation between the 2…march forward using the psycannons for heavy support and when in range those falchions with the banner will inflict serious damage on the enemy with the extra attacks they provide.

Ok so there are a couple of combinations for how best to use the Grey Knight Terminator squads to their full potential…backbone of the new Grey Knight Codex? maybe but hey I love a challenge and getting these guys into 24″ will be just that, but once they are we all know these guys are hard as nails and in combat they’re unstoppable…be warned getting them there can be costly so you have to be tactical especially against Mechanised Guard Lists.

As for can they hold their own against other Terminator Heavy armies such as the infamous Deathwing? Yes I feel they can (pause for ensuing gasps of horror for any reading Dark Angel players)…Yes the Deathwing have Cyclone missile launchers but we have Psycannons, if they are running all Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield combo’s it will be a hard fought game but if they run 1 or 2 in a squad they wont last forever just keep shooting. If there is one big squad fully kitted out all Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Apothecary, Librarian, Belial well we’ve spoken already about the Brotherhood Champion…a cheap HQ unit which is excellent for tar-pitting such a unit…