Infinity Operation: Icestorm


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Corvus Belli’s new 3rd edition starter set for amazing skirmish game Infinity Operation: Icestorm contains everything you need to start collecting Infinity or even just to boost your existing collection!
Operation Icestorm not only includes Corvus Belli’s gorgeous infinity miniatures but also includes tons of scenery and a full-colour starter edition of the latest 3rd edition Infinity rulebook (English/Spanish) which contains a brief guide to the Infinity universe, background and troop profiles of all the troops contained in Operation: Icestorm and five tutorial missions to help getting to grips with Infinity’s simple but brilliant game mechanics.
Operation: Icestorm contains two different factions, PanOceania and Nomads with an exclusive miniature included for each faction A total of fourteen highly detailed metal miniatures.
Operation: Icestorm contains the following items:

Nomads faction:
3x Alguaciles from Corregidor
1x Mobile Brigada
1x Grenzer, Grenz Security Team
1x Spektr
1x Reverend Healer, Operation: Icestorm Exclusive Figure

PanOceania faction:
3x Fusiliers
1x ORC Troop
1x Nisses from Svalarheima
1x Akalis Sikh Commandos
1x Military Order Father-Knight, Operation Icestorm Exclusive Figure

Moto.Tronica Scenery Pack:
2x Power Hub Buildings
2x Main Management Buildings
2x Moto.Tronica Containers
2x AccessTel Containers
2x Compass T. Containers

1x Full-Colour 64-page “Infinity Operation: Icestorm” A4 Tutorial Rulebook
1x Gaming Mat
1x Circular Template
1x Ruler
3x Twenty-sided Nomads Dice
3x Twenty-sided PanOceania Dice
Order and state markers

Please note this listing is for one copy of Infinity Operation: Icestorm, this item is unpainted and contains pieces which will require assembly with glue. Photographs are for illustration purposes only.