Relics Mercenaries Maverick Mike


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After basic training Mike was appointed to an elite unit within the Britanan army where he was schooled to ultimately become a Company Sergeant Major. Mike excelled in all manner of warfare and was highly decorated, all was going well for Mike until one day he was forced to question his loyalty to his King. Faced with certain death beneath the crushing wheels of a Nuem Equitum, Mike ordered his troupe to retreat despite the desperate cries from his superiors to hold fast. Annoyed at the humans blatant disregard for his comrades safety; Mike ordered the Company to fire on their own men, such an event was unprecedented and tales of the rebellion quickly spread throughout Relicia.

This box set contains everything you need to build the following models:

1x Mercenary Maverick Mike

Please note this item is unpainted and contains pieces which will require assembly with glue.
Photographs are for illustration purposes only.

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