Relics Ridend Kapolop Knights


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To become a Kapolop Knight an apprenticeship must be served under the command of an established Knight where the young hopefuls are taught to live by honour and prepared to die for glory. the final test for an apprentice knight is to capture of a Kapolop egg. If the knight manages to abduct one successfully from the the nesting caves without awakening its angry parents they will guard it until it hatches and protect and nurture the infant Kapolop as if it were their own. The Kapolop hatchlings grow up to serve as trusted mounts for the proud Knights and an unbreakable bond is forged between the two over time.

This box set contains everything you need to build the following models:

4x Ridend Kapolop Knights

Please note this item is unpainted and contains pieces which will require assembly with glue.
Photographs are for illustration purposes only.

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