Relics The Vaettir Starter Set


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Relics is the new 30mm scale skirmish game from Tor Gaming, based on the planet of Relicia a world on the brink of destruction players must choose one of the many factions available like the puppet soldiers of a mad king march endlessly to war, or the clockwork suited monks of an enslaved people who seek revenge on those who betrayed them so long ago…

The ancient race of Vaettir have evolved both physically and mentally since the awakening of their collective conscience, but evolution comes at a price and this once remarkable race have become horrifying creatures, spiteful, foul and tainted to the core.

The Vaettir starter army faction will not only introduce you to the dark and terrifying race of the Vaettir but to the world of Relicia at large and the Relics gaming system from Tor Gaming including:

1x Evocatour
2x Elvspon
2x Sol
4x Vicario
1x Damage Counter
1x Exhausted Counter
1x Shaken Counter
1x Rule Counter
1x Fire Counter
1x Magic Counter
1x Freeze Counter

Please note this item is unpainted and contains pieces which will require assembly with glue.
Photographs are for illustration purposes only.

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