Ultimate Guard Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ Deck Box Review

FNT100The Ultimate Guard Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ is Ultimate Guard’s second edition of Ultimate Guard’s successful Fliip ‘N’ Tray single deck box line the question Nerdvana Gaming is looking at today is just how good is the Ultimate Guard Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ and does it deserve the premium price it commands? To assess this we will be looking at a number of different factors including; build quality, protection, usability, aesthetics and overall value for money.

The original edition of the Ultimate Guard Flip ‘N’ Tray was fairly groundbreaking in its design, a deck box with a unique minimalistic styling whilst including several features not often seen in a deck box up to that point which included a removable tray for your cards to sit in and a second remove able tray for counters and life spin down die (d20), these 2 trays were easily and individually accessible from the 2 magnetically sealing flaps on the main body of the deck box. The whole box was externally stitched and wrapped in Ultimate Guard’s patented Xenoskin whilst the interior was coated with a smooth plush microfibre surface which gave a fantastic feel of luxury, however the original Flip ‘N’ Tray was let down by its capacity meaning that double sleeved decks over 80 cards could not be stored in the Flip ‘N’ Tray reliably.

Build Quality:FNT 100 U2
Ultimate Guard pride themselves in the quality of their products and the Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ is no exception to this, the individual external flaps are stitched securely and feel strong enough for hundreds of opening and closings, the entire exterior (including the flaps) is stitched with Xenoskin which has a premium feel the box structure itself is solid and strong including the shelf which separates the accessory tray from the card storage slot, the interior is coated with a premium feeling microfibre to keep your cards in a safe scratch free environment. The removable accessory tray and card tray are also externally and internally coated in the same way as the box structure and like the box itself have a strong structure.

The Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ has got a solid base structure which will easily survive everyday knocks and bumps and even stuffed in a packed bag the Flip ‘N’ Tray will easily survive being packed in tightly although if you are regularly tightly packing your deck case into a bag or rucksack then a solid deck case like the Ultimate Guard Monolith deck case would probably be a better option. The magnetic opening of the Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ is of a very high quality, it is capable of extremely vigorous shaking without loosening or opening even with a full heavy accessory tray and a 100 card double sleeved deck! The fastening mechanism is of such high quality we’ve never seen it in a magnetic closing deck case and in fact the Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ performs just as well as many of the more traditional deck cases without scrimping on build quality.

Usability:FNT 100 P2
The simple design of the Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ makes it very user friendly, the individually opening flaps for access to each removable tray mean that you can access whatever part of the deck case you want without having to expose the part you don’t need, once open the removable trays are a tight enough for so as not to slip around whilst still maintaining the ability to easily remove the tray, the removable trays also mean that you have a place to store your tokens, life counters and any other small accessories you carry along with any sideboard or token cards, keeping them out of the play area neatly and securely

The new Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ keeps the same look and feel of its predecessor, still externally stitched with the patented Xenoskin exterior and internal microfibre the premium feel of the Flip ‘N’ Trap 100+ is just as good as ever, the Flip ‘N’ Tray also keeps the ability to separately access either tray by keeping the 2 magnetic sealing clasps which as mentioned above are more than capable of standing up to even the most rugged and abusive testing. The major difference between the original Flip ‘N’ Tray is the size, Ultimate Guard have looked to fit the magic 100 double sleeved cards into the Flip ‘N’ Tray without increasing the size drastically and they have succeeded with some very lateral thinking, rather than just widen the original Flip ‘N’ Tray design they have turned everything sideways meaning that the rather than the slightly rectangular form factor of its predecessor the Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ has a much neater cube shape to it.

FNT 100 B1Overall Value for Money:
The Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ has a recommended retail price of £18.99 (or £16.99 here at Nerdvana Gaming saving you 10%) and Ultimate Guard have proven once again that the build quality and styling of their case makes it well worth every penny, from the premium feel of the Xenoskin exterior, microfibre interior combination to the sturdy construction and secure magnetic closure, the Flip ‘N’ Tray 100+ proves on every level that it is a premium product that commands its premium price and is thoroughly deserving of its higher price point especially for the player who wants to make a bit of a splash on their next card gaming meet up.

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